LA Times: Christine Daniels Article

From the LA Times:

Public triumph, private torment

When Times sportswriter Mike Penner announced he’d become Christine Daniels, he sought ‘joy and fulfillment.’ After a year of accolades and ordeals, he returned as Mike. But his struggles continued.

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NOTE from Helen Hill MFT:

I do NOT agree with the article’s limited scope.  While it attempts to bring some closure and explanation to Mike/Christine’s suicide, it leaves out the two biggest factors concerning any individuals life: work and family.

This article grossly left out the role of the LA Times and the role of family in the developments of Mike/Christine’s life and transition and death.  It is a shame the Times could not see to perform an honest self-evaluation of their role.  As far as the family goes, I do not know them nor their interactions with Mike/Christine.

The only thing I can say about family is this: There is nothing, absolutely NOTHING they could tell me that would stop me from loving them.  And if my child needed to tell me who they were and how they see themselves in this world, why would I ever want to deny them?  Is my ego that big?  Is my soul so insecure that my child must mollify me?  A parent’s role is to be there for their child, not disown them.

I can only hope that Mike/Christine’s family felt the same way toward their son/daughter as I do for my own children.

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