Would You Help a Battered Woman If She Were Dressed Provocatively?

This amazing story by ABC News program “What would you do?” is too compelling not to be posted…  What would you do?

From Jezebel.com:

“…ABC used hidden cameras and actors to see what regular people would do if they saw an obviously abused woman being harassed by her boyfriend. A lot of regular people failed the test.

The highly-successful 20/20 spinoff What Would You Do? brings social experiments to television, using variables to test how ordinary people react to situations such as seeing someone steal a bike in a park, or witnessing a deli clerk give a blind man incorrect change. Lately, the show has been raising the stakes, and last night reporter John Quiñones showed us what restaurant diners do when they see a very obviously bruised woman getting picked on by her boyfriend at a nearby table.”

Click here to read and watch the whole story

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