Gender Identity Therapy and Counseling in Los Angeles

Gender is not something people wrestle with easily. In our culture, gender is a bit taboo. And yet we want our answers; our peace; our souls. We want to put our toe into the water to test the temperature. And we must deal with our fears, both real and perceived. Most of all we must deal with our own self-image and self-worth. These are the real issues behind gender.

Whether you are seeking hormone therapy (HRT), sexual reassignment, or simply contemplating your future, therapy can be a great benefit. (My practice follows the WPATH (Harry Benjamin) standards of care related to hormone recommendation letters and surgery letters.)

A “transition” (or also known as a sex change) is not undertaken lightly. It requires: complete resolve; strength of will; facing and overcoming adversity (both internal and external); resources (including money); support systems (friends, colleagues, and/or family); and a certainty of one’s identity and forward path. Such a path is not for the faint of heart, nor for those seeking to maintain the status quo in one’s life. The most dangerous aspect of “transition” is the tendency toward isolation, which must be confronted and overcome if one is to live successfully and authentically in the world.

Therapy is usually the LEAST expensive aspect of a “transition.” (see Helen’s Fees and Forms here) When considering doctors’ fees, services, electrolysis, surgeries, hormones, blood tests, presentation costs (clothing, hair, voice, and the like), as well as other myriad issues, the demands of a sex change can be and are daunting. Resources are stretched and patience is key.
(see TSRoadmap for helpful information)

While it is important to be frugal and minimize costs, you cannot do a sex change “on the cheap.” One must be so assured of one’s identity and the steps to be taken, that commitment, clarity and endurance continue throughout. After all, it is the journey of a lifetime – to be true to yourself.

Helen has worked extensively with those uniquely gifted individuals often referred to as transgendered, transsexuals, intersexed and multi-layered gender variant individuals .  Ms. Hill brings years of real life experience compassion, acceptance, and honesty to those on their journey to wellness, integrity and congruency.

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