TS Factoid of the Day: Change

Change only occurs when one is so uncomfortable with staying put, suffering an internal pain that becomes gradually intolerable, that any movement at all is viewed as preferable.

One must choose between authenticity (being true to oneself), and hiding.

For some, it will always be hiding because the “fear” of what is not known is more intolerable than the known discomfort and pain one endures.  Fear is sometimes likened to a slow “living” death, frozen in pain, and unable to breathe.

For others, pain is a catalyst for change, for improving one’s self, for discovering who you really are, often for the very first time.


I recall a story once about a doctor who compared himself to a bartender…

“We get the same kinds of customers; the living and the dying.”

It’s really up to each of us to decide which it shall be.

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