A Life on the Outside

You know, I keep waiting for the perfect moment,

The perfect moment to live my life,

When everything is just so right,

That coming out has no spite.

Where I bare my heart and soul to others,

Nothing bad happens.  No one is smothered

With shame and fear and retribution

But rather I see an absolution

That my fears and shame were unjustified

Nor did I ever have to seek safety and lied.

My life is my own, I mean you no ill.

Can we not be people of good will?

I want to be normal.  I have always wished it so.

But sometimes life throws us curves to help us grow.

I want to live in the simplest of terms.

Enjoy the sunrise.  Enjoy being affirmed.

By living life one step at a time.

Savoring each step along the way is no more a crime.

Friends to enjoy; and family to savor.

It is more than a favor,

It is a life,

Longing to be free of internal and external strife.

Is it really too much to ask?

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