Orchids: My Intersex Adventure


An Australian filmmaker travels across Australia attempting to better understand her medical condition and her family’s efforts to deal with it.

Review by Rhys Howlett

Orchids documents the very personal journey of Queensland filmmaker Phoebe Hart as she comes to terms with her medical condition – Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome. She was born intersex, a hermaphrodite, and takes a camera around Australia meeting other members of the intersex community. She is joined by her sister Bonnie, and the two discover more about themselves, each other, and what it means to be intersex than they had imagined.

The film has some excellent animated splices and the music is a highlight throughout. Interviews with the other intersexers provide the film’s emotional highpoints which warrant more screen time in favour of some of the footage dedicated to discussing the making of the film. But this is Phoebe’s story as she delves into her family history and pushes for answers to questions she has held inside for much of her life.

Orchids is an enlightening and courageous film, well worth a look.


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