Church’s transgender pastor grateful for life “beyond my wildest dreams”

By Electa Draper

Rev. Malcolm Himschoot knows about profound transformation.

Born female, Himschoot chose as a young adult to become male, despite fears he would be lonely, unemployable and cast aside by other Christians.

He made the decision, when 21, that he wouldn’t take his own life. To Himschoot, living meant making a leap of faith into gender transition.

He is now the married father of 3-year-old twins and the new pastor of a mainline, albeit liberal, Protestant church in Douglas County.

“I have a life beyond my wildest dreams,” the 33-year-old Himschoot said.

Parker United Church of Christ installed Himschoot as its spiritual leader this evening in the Mainstreet Center Auditorium.

“On this day we celebrate God doing a new thing,” said Pam Thompson, a church founder. “So let us come together in boldness and genuine humility.”

The church, founded three years ago, declared itself the county’s first Open and Affirming church, or ONA, and it quickly put its money where its proclaimed values were by hiring Himschoot when it was ready for a full-time pastor.

In this progressive denomination’s parlance, the Parker UCC is a “Whole Earth, Just Peace, God is Still Speaking” congregation. Parker UCC’s motto is: “We welcome everyone who welcomes everyone else.”

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