Asks “Do You Need “Facial Feminization Surgery”?”

Irin Carmon — Today in awful press releases for surgical procedures you didn’t know existed: Facial Feminization, backed by rock-solid “attractiveness studies.” Is the “vampire facelift” just a fad?

Update: We’re aware that this surgery is key for transwomen — the point is that it’s being pitched as an anti-aging cure.

————— Forwarded message —————
From: Kathryn Kelly [REDACTED]
Date: Mon, Apr 18, 2011 at 10:46 AM
Subject: What Makes The Female Face Attractive?

What is the feature on a face that most identifies it as a female? What happens to a female’s face as they begin to age? Do you know the secret measurement that shows if your cheek bones are aligned correctly? Is the new rage – “vampire facelift” just a fad?

Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, world-renowned facial plastic surgeon and professor at Boston Medical, has been researching this info for years with his team’s “attractiveness studies.” He is the world leader in “Facial Feminization Surgery” utilizing techniques for women to appear more “feminine.”

If you would like to speak to Dr. Spiegel about his attractiveness findings or his facial techniques or beauty tips to assist in appearing more youthful, please let us know.

Kathryn Kelly
CWR & Partners, LLP

And in a wonderful response from a Commenter called “TransAnachronism”:

As an FYI, these are the procedures most commonly performed during FFS:

Hairline reshaping
Forehead recontouring (removal of brow bossing)
Reshaping of the orbital bones around the eyes
Cheek augmentation
Lip augmentation
Jaw recountouring (including the hinge on the side of the jaw)
Chin reduction/reshaping
Trachea shave (reduction of the Adam’s apple)

Obviously, few individuals feel they need all of the procedures done, if any, but at least they’re available. The difference FFS makes can be astounding. Of course, there are always some trans individuals who have won the genetic lottery and pass without even trying.

Also, as a trans woman, I am SO SICK of people who are completely against the idea of FFS. “Be happy the way you are”; “You shouldn’t have to change, society should”, etc.

If society began to accept trans women as they are, would there be a need for FFS at all? Perhaps. I’d still want it; I’ve hated my nose since I started puberty. Unfortunately, the glaring fact at this point is that society at large does NOT accept us, and in order to deflect negative attention and possible violence, many of us go under the knife. This in addition to our own self-perceptions of our faces as being too “male”, possibly causing undue mental anguish.

I get this comment from other members of the trans community and the general public several times a month: “You’re pretty, why would you want FFS?”

To which I reply, “Just because I am considered pretty by some doesn’t mean I am perceived as a woman by everyone else.”

I am perceived as a woman maybe 50% of the time. Impolite people steal glances at me out of the corners of their eyes. The rude ones stare, and the worst actually have been brazen enough to yell “Are you a man?” I do my best to ignore it, but it’s a major blow to your self-esteem when you’ve spent two hours getting ready for an important event, you think you look decent, and then you’re misread within 15 minutes of leaving the house.

And while my face has softened somewhat from the estrogen, every time I look in the mirror, I still see the old “male” face staring back at me. It’s like seeing an impostor in your body, and it really, really sucks. I think of FFS as “removing the mask of masculinity” and giving a truer look at a person. If I had started hormones at the onset of puberty, I wouldn’t have a brow ridge, a large jaw, or such a huge nose–FFS will help reflect what I would have looked like, had nature not completely screwed me over.!5793168/do-you-need-facial-feminization-surgery

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