Transsexuals Sue State of Illinois Over Refusal to Change Birth Certificates

Three transsexuals have filed a class action lawsuit complaining that the state of Illinois improperly refuses to change the gender on birth cerfificates unless transsexuals have undergone genital surgery.

Lauren Grey, Victor Williams and Nicholas Guarino are transsexual people who underwent surgery to conform their bodies to the gender they identify with rather than the sex they were at birth, according to the suit.

The suit claims that the state’s Vital Records Act allows the gender to be changed on a birth certificate if a doctor attests that because of a surgery, the gender should be changed.

But starting in about 2005, the state began requiring the person to have underwent genital surgery, in violation of the law, according to the suit.

The suit claims that what is considered necessary medical and psychological treatment for transsexuals does not always include genital surgery, which is rarely completed for transsexual men.

A spokesman for the Illinois Department of Public Health was not immediately available for comment.

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