Was the Grandma Bandit a Down-On-Her-Luck Transgender Woman?

While the Atlanta police claim this person was a man, due to their genitalia, the driver’s license lists the individual as Roxanne Taylor.  It appears to me that the Atlanta police need some training on diversity issues.

Below follows the article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

The puffy-faced, middle-aged woman at the CVS checkout counter opened a black purse and showed the clerk a rusty gun. She said she was sorry, that she was dying of cancer and had no choice.

Atlanta Police DepartmentSurveillance video showed this suspect, described as a 50- to 60-year-old woman, who is wanted in the robbery of multiple drug stores.

“Don’t be scared,” the woman said, according to police. “Just give me all the money in the cash drawer.”

Roxanne Taylor’s  string of drugstore robberies — daring heists that earned her the nickname “Grandma Bandit” — ended Friday morning after she was fatally shot following a police chase. It was unclear if she died by her own hand or was killed by police, who fired multiple times after hearing a gunshot, authorities said. The DeKalb County Medical Examiner’s Office could not be reached Friday, and authorities were unable to confirm whether Taylor indeed  had a terminal disease.

Authorities were however able to make another determination about the bandit later Friday. In a tersely worded statement, DeKalb police spokeswoman Mekka Parish wrote


Positive identification has been made on the person involved in todays incident on North Druid Hills. After further investigation detectives have determined the person believed to be a female suspect in fact is a male.

His name is Roxanne Taylor, a 57 year old man.

No additional information is available.

Taylor did not look like the typical armed  robber — the jittery young male with a stocking cap or hoodie pulled down low.

Instead, the 57-year-old  holder of a helicopter pilot’s license lived in a trendy loft near the state Capitol. Wearing dark sunglasses and a black University of Georgia ball cap, he had walked up to the checkout counters of at least seven metro pharmacies in recent weeks, exposed the handgun and demanded cash, police said.

There were differing opinions all along on whether the bandit was a woman or a man dressed as a woman.


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