State of Transgender California (Survey Summary) []

An excellent study and summary are available at the Transgender Law Center site here at:

California’s transgender community is experiencing overwhelming discrimination and marginalization despite protective legislation barring discrimination in employment, insurance, public education and government programs. A startling number of transgender and gender non-conforming community members have dealt with discrimination, harassment and unemployment directly linked to their gender identity. The community also faces high rates of homelessness and difficulty accessing health care. While California’s laws have done much to protect the transgender community, further education, investment and legislation is needed to make the spirit of those protections a reality.

During the spring and summer of 2008 the Transgender Law Center (TLC) conducted a study of the economic health of the transgender community in California. We gathered 646 responses from transgender adults living in the state, and found alarmingly high rates of discrimination in employment, housing and healthcare.

Some of the results include:

Transgender survey respondents are twice as likely to be living below the poverty line of $10,400 per year when compared to the general population. Approximately 23% of the transgender community earned wages below the national poverty level last year. Survey respondents report a 14% unemployment rate; during the months that the survey was distributed the statewide unemployment rate averaged 7%.
Transgender Californians who responded to the survey are almost twice as likely to hold a bachelor’s degree as the general California State population. Ninety-four percent of the transgender population sampled in California over the age of 25 holds a high school diploma or equivalent.

Among transgender respondents, racial background strongly impacts levels of education. Over 40% of white respondents hold a Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral degree. Just 14% of Hispanic and non-white respondents hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher.

I strongly recommend reading the summary and the study:



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