View Helen’s Presentation to SRO Housing on LA’s Skid Row concerning Transgender Diversity and Treatment

On June 22nd I had the privilege to present to a combination of public agencies who work with the homeless population in downtown Los Angele’s Skid Row.  These are incredible people who work very hard with all kinds of unique homeless individuals, including Transgendered populations.

I was invited to present on the topic of how to work with homeless transgendered populations, including treatment issues, sensitivity training, legal issues, and cultural understandings between people.  It was a great event and I was very pleased by the turnout (5o or more providers, counselors, service workers, and others) as well as their questions and thoughts!

The picture below is also a LINK to the presentation.  (WordPress does NOT allow me to embed my own Flash presentation!!)  You will be taken to the presentation on my website (  I want to share the information in hopes that it will be helpful to agencies and transgendered populations and individuals.

Click to view presentation

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