Transgender Day of Remembrance and Anderson Cooper Interviews []



Sunday is the 13th annual Transgender Day of Remembrance, and in its honor talk show host Anderson Cooper interviewed an eight-year-old who spoke out about the difficulties of being born into the wrong gender.

From age two, Danann, born a boy, insisted that she was really a girl . After years of bullying and threats of suicide, her parents finally made the controversial decision to let their child live as a girl. Danann revealed to Cooper that she is much happier living as who she wants to be.

Cooper interviewed several other children, parents and experts in the hour-long episode, ‘Children & Teens Trapped in the Wrong Bodies’. In the episode, it wasn’t just the issues faced by the children that were discussed, as the show’s website reveals.

“While children may face ridicule at school and internal conflict, parents, too, have their fair share of emotional hurdles to jump when raising a transgender child.”

In their interview, Danann’s parents shared advice to parents in similar situations.

 “You didn’t do something to cause this. It is just how, just like conjoined twins are born conjoined or you’re born with a cleft palette. This is just how you know, they’re born and,”

“It’s no ones fault.”

“It’s no ones fault. And it’s your child, you know, to be there with your child.”

The episode aired on the same day that a bill protecting transgender people from discrimination passed both houses of state legislation in Massachusetts. ABC reportsthat this is a positive step, especially against violence.

Hate Crime statistics suggest transgender people are more likely to be victims of violence than other members of the LGBT community. If the bill is passed, perpetrators that target people based on gender identity would face the same penalties as those who target people because of their race, religion, ethnicity, disability or sexual orientation.”

Danann will soon be featuring in a feature length documentary which follows the lives of others who deal with discrimination within the transgender world.

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