Women are at their most confident aged 52 [lifestyle.aol.co.uk]

By Jennifer Barton / aol.co.uk

If you thought your late teens to early twenties was the time when you were at your most body-confident (you did wear those tiny bikinis back then, after all), you were mistaken. It appears that fabulous over 50 is more than just a saying since age 52 is when women feel their most body-confident and content.

At least according to the views of 3,000 women who were polled for a new survey on body confidence from slimming and lifestyle website Myspecialk.co.uk. The survey found that two-thirds of those questioned believed that the age of 52 was when women felt their happiest and were most comfortable with their bodies, inside and out, reports the Daily Mail.

50 per cent of the women questioned cited that many of their key goals had been achieved by age 52. London-based psychologist Rebekah Fensome attributes the verdict to women feeling most secure in themselves by the time they reach their fifties: “A woman in her 50s knows who she is, what her strengths are and values, as well as her weaknesses and failings.”

“You become more accepting of the things that you are good at and the things that you are not.”

In other body-confidence news, the survey found that women who feel confident about their figures will wear red (that certainly rings true for Mariah Carey in that body-con dress she sported last week to show off her post-pregnancy weight loss) while those feeling less body-confident will hide away in black (Dawn French came out on top for least body-confident celebrity). Holly Willoughby, Cheryl Cole, Nigella Lawson and Kelly Brook were believed to have the most body confidence.

Looks like they missed out on Lorraine Kelly, who – at 52 and in a fitted red frock (see pic above) – is clearly feeling body-fabulous. As she well should.

2 thoughts on “Women are at their most confident aged 52 [lifestyle.aol.co.uk]

  1. Sounds about right.

    I’m 54 and, aside from annoying menopause, am happier than I’ve been since my 20s. If you’ve been working hard toward your goals since your teens or 20s, by this age you’ve accomplished a lot and are proud of it. If you’ve still got a ways to go, if you’re lucky, you’ve got another few decades to work on it.

    • I definitely feel good about myself at 55 that I certainly didn’t have at 25. Am thankful to have perspective and a sense of humor to boot!

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