I’ve discovered that I am one of those therapists who is unable to be anything but frank, kind, and direct. Life is too short to hide in the shadows, especially when the shadows are often our own. 
  • We will work hard to make sure that we are having truth revealing sessions
  • We shall seek to uncover rationalizations, denial, or other misdirections that often occur in life
  • I believe in and respect your ability to grow in truth and authenticity
  • We shall seek to confront “avoidance” of difficult issues (I call them “the shadows”) in order to help you follow your own path to health and wellbeing.

Granted, my directness may not be for everyone. But for those seeking to face themselves on issues as sensitive as identity and relationships, I have found it to be the best method to follow.

I utilize three basic approaches to the exploration of self:

  1. Object relations and systems therapy,
  2. Cognitive therapy, and
  3. Solution-focused therapy

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