It’s Been a While…

I’ve not been updating the blog for a while.  I became bored with myself and the need to incessantly post to promote the “brand”; that brand being my website and my services as a licensed psychotherapist.  I find it a bit distasteful to self-promote.  I want to help people, not market a “brand.”  So I let the blog go for a while.

But like Freddy Krueger from the “Nightmare on Elm Street” movies would say, “I’m back!”

Too much has happened for me to keep my mouth shut.  And I can no longer assume that other good people will pick up the mantle to continue the work of promoting purpose, health, tolerance, and economic well-being for all who desire it and are willing to work, and sometimes, work very hard to have and maintain these simple yet critical components of life.

So yes, I’m back.  And I’ll be around for a while.

Not promoting a brand.  Just a voice in the wilderness saying, “Look over here at what I found!  What do you think it means?”



Moi’s interview from Living in LA…

Alex Roman - Living in LA
Alex Roman - Living in LA

A few weeks ago I had the privilege to be interviewed by Alex Roman  of  “Living in LA”…  It was a fun and romping interview that ended up running 75 minutes.  (Sorry about that folks I can talk a lot!)

Alex’s site is collection of far-ranging interviews that can literally take you anywhere!

You can listen to the entire thing by going to:

Or you can also download it for your MP3 or iPod in two parts (each roughly 37 minutes) at: