Censoring Scientific Inquiry

I don’t believe in shutting down scientific inquiry, fact finding, evidence testing, hypothesis evaluation, and theory, just because it doesn’t fit my politics. I consider that unhealthy and reflects on poor mental health. I’m not a “my beliefs or the highway” person. If you show me the facts are contrary to what I believe, then I reevaluate my beliefs. Not offended. Not scared. I can be wrong. And that is what science is all about. It’s okay to be wrong in the inquiry of knowledge, verified by the pursuit of facts and evidence testing. Trying to shut down science is like trying to shut down knowledge. It’s not helpful to an informed citizenry. Ever.


Sex, Lies and Gender: National Geographic

tgsymbol“It does not seem like a question that should be asked. You know who you are. Or do you? Each year thousands of people around the world are born with ambiguous gender. They do not fit into our binary system of male or female – and shockingly many of them don’t know it. Early surgeries transformed their bodies; families and doctors hid the truth. Now, their stories are starting to be heard. In this hour, Explorer examines the science of gender…and the gray areas in between. From scientists and medical professionals to individuals whose lives are affected, we search for answers, even looking to the lives of other animals for clues.”